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Ballet_for_1_2_.jpgCentral to LCB’s mission is enabling people to see ballet who would not otherwise do so due to cost, isolation, physical or medical restriction, or lack of previous engagement with or experience of the arts. Each season, LCB gives away 2,000 tickets to its annual production for just £1; 25% of all tickets available. The £1 tickets go to specially chosen primary schools in London’s most disadvantaged communities and to charities for disabled or disadvantaged children and elderly people. Groups then attend one of two specially tailored matinée performances, which include opportunities for audience members to meet the cast in the theatre foyer. Many in the audience have never been to the theatre before, and for the majority this is their first experience of classical ballet.


Ballet_for_1_4_.jpgFor all primary schools that attend Ballet for £1, LCB offers a free dance workshop in their school, themed around the ballet the children have just seen. The aim of these workshops is to expand horizons and break down perceived barriers to ballet. Workshops are fully interactive, led by a dynamic dance teacher, ballet assistant and a professional pianist. A short DVD featuring young dancers gets children excited about the idea of ballet and teaches some of the basics. Children then have a chance to try steps out for themselves. The pianist introduces the children to classical music and the group learns about movement, choreography and costumes (there is even an opportunity to try on some production costumes).The schools matinée is always such a lively and fun performance. The dancers love performing for their peers and children find it particularly inspiring to see children of their own age on stage. For teachers considering registering their school for next year, not only does your school receive substantial subsidised tickets but we prepare an Education Pack that is given to each Ballet for £1 school in the months before the show. The pack includes engaging lesson plans that introduce children to the concept of ballet and to key elements of the story they will see in the theatre enhancing curriculum.


Of LCB’s elderly guests, many live in acute isolation, often struggling with mobility or illnesses associated with older age. Outings are rare, as are opportunities to interact with young people. At LCB’s Ballet for £1 matinées, a team of dedicated volunteers are on hand at the theatre to welcome guests and help them to their seats, and our young dancers meet audience members following the performance. Charities report back that the experience is uplifting and transformative, providing a beautiful memory that is the subject of discussion for months afterwards.


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“We feel in our school that in addition to providing our pupils with skills and knowledge, we also must provide them with rich experiences that will give them a context for writing and inform the way that they understand their reading. LCB provides them with an experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”

Ballet for £1 Primary School Teacher

“The ballet began, and our group were mesmerised: The décor, the music, the outfits, the choreography, the colours, even the lighting transported us to another world.”

Charity Group Leader

“Pupils were able to engage in a first experience. It also challenged misconceptions on ballet.” “It was inspiring for all children, especially the boys, to see others, just like them, achieving and working towards their goals.”

Ballet for £1 Primary School Teacher

“The performance raised everyone’s spirits. It’s particularly uplifting for the elderly to have contact with the young.” “The ballet helps take our minds off our illnesses, as well as enabling them to get out and see the beautiful dancing.” “Some of our tenants have dementia and we were worried they may not enjoy it and be restless. We could not have been more wrong they were enthralled from beginning to end as we were. On our way home, they talked non-stop about our wonderful experience.”

Charity Group Leader

Education Pack

Please see below some of LCB's most recent Education Packs for our Ballet for £1 Programme. 

Our education packs are designed as a teaching tool to assist schools coming to see our performances and we try where possible to link our ballets to a wide range of subjects on the national curriculum. If you have any questions about the packs please contact us. If you would like your school to take part in Ballet for £1 this year please use the link above or give us a call on 02089691555.