Jane Eyre


Choreographer: Nicole Tongue

Composer: Julia Gomelskaya

Original Scenario: Lucille Briance

Costume Design: Aya Murayama

Set Design: Terry Parsons

Lighting Design: Mark Jonathan 

Jane Eyre tells the story of a young orphan who is terribly bullied by her cousins and wrongly denounced a liar at school. But Jane’s strength of character and good nature mean that she eventually becomes a dearly loved teacher at the same school. Jane is offered the post of Governess at Thornfield Hall by Mr Rochester, a mysterious and brooding man.  With eerie noises from the attic and strange house fires, something is amiss at Thornfield Hall. Romantic feelings blossom between Jane and Rochester and they fall in love. But on the night they agree to wed, Jane discovers a huge secret.

Images from Jane Eyre