Heart-pounding auditions

Posted on Tuesday 20th December, 2016

The curtain came down for the last time. Sunday 24 April 2016. It was all over. After a wonderful 4 months of intensive training and rehearsals and 4 wonderful days of performances, Little Lord Fauntleroy had officially ended. Tears were flowing, dancers were hugging. This was last April.

It is October, and auditions are beginning for the new London Children's Ballet's production of The Secret Garden. How time has flown. I could not believe that I was on my way to the first round of the auditions. A new venue: Central School of Ballet. The tube is delayed. We are running late. We jump out of the carriage and literally run to the venue. Phew we make it on time. Just.

Colleen, a very friendly lady, leads the energetic warm-up for us. She gives us lots of amazing tips, which really helped my confidence. As soon as we were lined up in number order for the audition my heart started racing like a speedy racing horse. We were going in…

I was immediately enchanted by the reassuring faces of the judges, and the comforting heat of the room. We learned inspiring sequences which had touches of acting in. Suddenly I saw the front line run around out of the door, already over? And now, the recalls. The heart-pounding recalls. “179”. Phew. I am going back in.

Now each little dance involves lots of acting and a small story behind it. For example when we do our gallops I feel like I am Mary, catching glimpses of pretty flowers and watching birds in awe! Gemma the ballet mistress makes each exercise trickier. Then once again we are led out of the dreaded wooden door. All done. I absolutely adored the audition, and now we have to go home and wait.

My phone pings. I am in the coach on the way home from school. I have been selected for finals. In 10 days, it will be the moment of truth.

Here we are again at Central School of Ballet for LCB’s Final Auditions. This time we make it on time. Finals are so exciting. This is when you discover a special preview of the choreography. Our group (9 to 10 year olds) is lucky enough to dance the Petals and Robin choreographies. They are so pretty.

And we wait again. And wait and wait. Finally, in the middle of my school’s Christmas concert, my mum gives me a big thumbs up. I was in. I really, really was in. I am going to be part of the London Children’s Ballet 2017 Company.