Mrs Harris Goes to Paris


Choreographer: Harold King

Composer: Elizabeth Lane

Original Scenario: Lucille Briance

Costume Design: Bob Bailey

Set Design: Neil Irish

Lighting Design: Jon Buswell

It is the 1950s. Ada Harris, a cheerful middle-aged cleaning lady is so enamoured with her employer’s couture wardrobe that she becomes determined to buy her own Christian Dior gown.  She works her fingers to the bone to earn extra pennies and risks her savings on an all-or-nothing bet at the races. Her horse wins! The fashion mavens at Dior in Paris are shocked to see Mrs Harris walk through the door, but can’t turn her away. She chooses her dream creation, and while she waits for the dress to be made her adventures in Paris give her memories that will last a lifetime. On her return to London, her generous heart leads her to lend her prize possession to a young actress. But disaster strikes. 

Images from Mrs Harris Goes to Paris