Mary-Jean: Waiting for the post

Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014

Waiting for the post...this is probably the most stressful thing you can ever imagine. Even more stressful than the audition its self! In the first audition, I was one of the lucky ones who got a call back! A week later I got a letter telling me that I got to the final audition!! I was very excited! The judges are very friendly and smiley, which was nice! They were not those sort of judges who just sit there holding a pen and paper, staring at you constantly without blinking and scribbling down thousands of notes, which was what I thought all judges were like (I have not been to many auditions before). The judges made you feel happy and not nervous at all! It was lots of fun! I then had to go back through that stressful process of staring at my letter box for another week! When the letter came it was fabulous news! I GOT IN!! Everyone at LCB are very cheerful and kind and funny! This is only the beginning of my journey with LCB, and so far I LOVE it!!! I can't wait until all the rehearsals start , and I find out what it's like to be in a company!!

Corps de Ballet


Sixty children were chosen from over 500 young hopefuls to be part of the LCB’s 2014 season. Now they are working together, week in, week out, to create a stunning West End production of Nanny McPhee. In their own words, LCB’s young dancers share the highs and lows of this exciting, life-changing experience.