Alumni News

Yumeya Yamamori

Yumeya Yamamori (LCB 2005) went to White Lodge and graduated after 5 years training. ‘It was an unbelievable time and needless to say, really really cool.’ He quit ballet and chose to pursue academics at Westminster School. He has offers from Exeter, Loughborough, UCL and Oxford University to study Psychology, something that has interested him since working with a performance psychologist at White Lodge.

Sally Poundall

Sally Poundall (LCB 2004-2005) is in her final year studying Linguistics at Cambridge. When she graduates she intends to work in the tech start-up industry. She also intends to continue with Dancesport (competitive ballroom and Latin dancing) in the future.

Charlie Burt

Charlie Burt (LCB 2005) is in his final year at Newcastle University and has just finished directing and choreographing Annie Get Your Gun for the University, which had three sell out nights in a professional theatre.

Franky Ferrer

Franky Ferrer (LCB 2005-2008) is in her second year at the University of Manchester studying Politics and Modern History. She is a member of the University Dance Society and on the Competitive Ballet Team, travelling across the UK to compete. “It's not like dancing used to be though, can't explain how much I miss LCB!”

Xander Bennett

Xander Bennett (LCB 2005) graduated last July from The Royal Ballet Upper School. He is currently in his first year working in Munich, Germany, at the Bayerisches Staatsballett Junior Company.

Julia Roscoe

Julia Roscoe (LCB 2005-2006) went to The Royal Ballet School White Lodge where she graduated after 5 years and joined the Royal Ballet Upper School. She is currently in her second year studying there and is in The Royal Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty.

Jamie-Emma McDonald

Jamie-Emma McDonald (LCB 2005) is currently with New Adventures performing with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

Benjamin Roomes

Benjamin Roomes (LCB 2004-2005) graduated from Elmhurst in 2011 and is now in his third season at Teater Vanemuine in Tartu, Estonia.