Luke: Six new dwarf friends

Posted on Tuesday 31st March, 2015

Here in the life of LCB it is so enjoyable but also hard work. Its now less than a month before the first performance and it is getting very exciting but I am also getting a little nervous! In the rehearsals we are learning so much from Jenna and Amy but also from the other amazing dancers. Its incredible to watch older and more experienced dancers such as one of my older friends James who is playing the prince. I hope when I am older I’ll get to perform as a principal character one day because I would like to get a big solo! The dwarf rehearsals are so much fun, I have made six new friends who I love to work with and have fun with in breaks. I can’t wait for my friends and family to see what all our hard work has created and it’s going to be so thrilling to be on that stage!!!

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