Joeley: Learning the life of a dancer

Posted on Monday 10th March, 2014

My name is Joeley Gibson and I am 12 years old (nearly 13!) This is my third year with LCB and I absolutely love it. I am playing the role of one of the Brown children (the extremely naughty kids). Every year gets more exciting than the last. When I first did LCB, dancing with people who were older than me was really inspiring. I never found them scary or intimidating because everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Now that I’m 12 it’s really sweet helping the younger kids.

Erico (the choreographer) and Gemma (the ballet mistress) are two of the most patient people I know. Once they’ve taught us a section of steps, we practise them over and over again until we remember them. I have school exams at the end of this year, but even at school I often find myself thinking about costumes, the performances and what we are rehearsing while. 

In rehearsals, you have to work hard and cooperate, but it always pays off. I have developed so much – my performing and acting skills are a lot better but the biggest change has been my dancing. I’ve learnt a lot about what to do if you’re a young dancer, what a dancer’s life is really like, and the different stages of creating a ballet.

My family are so encouraging and their support is never-ending. My parents spend hours of their time waiting outside studios, driving me to rehearsals and caring for all my needs as a dancer. I try my best to do them proud.


Corps de Ballet


Sixty children were chosen from over 500 young hopefuls to be part of the LCB’s 2014 season. Now they are working together, week in, week out, to create a stunning West End production of Nanny McPhee. In their own words, LCB’s young dancers share the highs and lows of this exciting, life-changing experience.