The Happy Prince


Choreographer: Valerie Egri

Composer: Edward Elgar

Original Scenario: Lucille Briance

Costume Design: Irene Grant

Set Design: Jila Peacock

Lighting Design: David Lovett

This is a story of the friendship between a carefree little Swallow and a magnificent gold statue of a young Prince, whose spirit protects and watches over the local town he once ruled. Selflessly helping the people of the town, the spirit of the prince asks the Swallow to take the ruby from the hilt of his statue and the sapphires from his eyes to give to the poor.  As winter draws in, the Swallow refuses to leave his friend’s side. The little bird dies in the cold of the winter storms, which breaks the Prince’s heart. The two most precious treasures in the town – the Prince’s broken heart and the Swallow are carried up to heaven by angels.

Images from The Happy Prince