Felix: Dancing in the aisles

Posted on Tuesday 17th May, 2016

I’m Felix and I’m 10. I only started ballet 18 months ago. Before I started lessons, I was dancing everywhere, even in the shopping aisles. I found out I could turn my light switch on with my toe and I was showing all my mum and dad’s friends and one of them said ‘You should start ballet.’ So I tried it.

At first I got a little bit of stick from my friends but once they noticed that I loved it, they took it the right way. Now, I’m so proud to do ballet. When I got into LCB all my friends were like ‘ah that’s amazing’, and I’ve been in the newspaper and all my friends bought it.

LCB has pushed up all of my confidence and it’s changed how I feel – I’ve met loads of other boys who like to dance and it’s made me feel like I want to dance more, forever.  I practise at home every day and sometimes my mum has to tell me to stop dancing – like when we’re in London and I’d dance near the train tracks.

 My parents are very supportive and excited and amazed, and my dad tells me he is proud of me and not to worry about what other people think.

I think it’s really important that LCB is free for dancers to take part. Different people around London or even other places like me maybe haven’t had the opportunity to perform because it’s been a lot of money, and they might have seen something that said London Children’s Ballet and looked at it and seen that it was free – like we did – and said, well why not give it a go!

If you’re thinking about auditioning, just give it a go because, look at myself, I’m performing in the Peacock Theatre in the West End and I can’t believe it. 


Felix Brook, Little Lord Fauntleroy 2016

Photo by Bill Cooper