Faithful Gelert


Choreographer: Julie Cronshaw

Composer: Timothy Hammond

Original Scenario: Lucille Briance

Costume Design: Abe Hamilton, Julie Sissons

Set Design: Richard Hornsby

Lighting Design: Hugh Wooldridge

This Welsh legend tells the story of a wolfhound Gelert, the loyal companion of a noble huntsman, Llywelyn. While hunting they are attacked by a dangerous wolf, but with one swift arrow they are rescued by Joan, a Princess in disguise who is also out hunting. Llywelyn and Joan fall in love and marry and have a baby, Clova. An evil witch, enraged by the death of her favourite wolf, vows revenge on Llywelyn and she sends a wolf to kill Clova. The baby is defended by the loyal wolfhound Gelert, but the triumph is short-lived and the tale ends in tragedy. 

Images from Faithful Gelert