Chloe: Facing the judges

Posted on Tuesday 17th May, 2016

Hi my name is Chloe, and this is my blog on the final auditions. I hope you enjoy this!

My heart was beating fast and finally there was the audition room. This was the finals where they decide who goes into the main company and who goes into the touring company.

It was great to meet new people, make friends and to build confidence. It was such an amazing opportunity performing in front of a panel: you get to know what it feels like to audition for a real West End show. It was such an incredible experience dancing with such great dancers and professional choreographers. They taught us beautiful choreography that would be used in a real SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if you don’t get in this year you can audition next year and you get to experience an amazing master class which is lots of fun. I loved the judges: they were all so smiley and understanding. At first I was nervous, my heart beating faster than a speedy racing horse but when I saw those comforting faces of the lovely judges it made me feel like this was a normal occasion but just so much better and as I danced I was soaring through the air. And I learned something else from that special audition: ballet is an open door to happiness, it takes you to a different place and closes once you're in it.

I hope you audition and have lots of fun with it and good luck!


 Chloe Nataf-Pesonen (left) at the Final Audition for Little Lord Fauntleroy

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