Callum: Dick the bootblack

Posted on Tuesday 17th May, 2016

Hello, my name is Callum and I’m 13. I only started ballet a couple of years ago and it was by accident. I had to watch my sister’s ballet class and I ended up joining in. Both me and my sister love to dance. In the beginning my mum almost didn’t let my sister do ballet because she was worried it would make her anorexic, but actually you have to be really fit to do ballet. I play football as well, and ballet definitely takes more energy! I’m the only boy doing ballet in our village school. We have a mirror that we wheel out of the cupboard. I don’t mind being the only boy – I get to be with all the girls! But I really like it at LCB because I’m dancing with boys too.

I really enjoyed playing the role of Dick the Bootblack, because I get to put lots of characterisation into my dancing. I also watch the older boys and can’t wait until I’m big enough to dance those roles too. One day I want to be on television or in a film, acting and dancing. I feel powerful when I dance – strong and full of energy. It makes me feel invincible.


Callum McCabe, Little Lord Fauntleroy 2016

Photo by Bill Cooper