Tameera: Finding my place

Posted on Monday 2nd June, 2014

Hi I'm Tameera and I'm 14 years old. I started dancing at the age of 3 not knowing it would be a loved passion for me now. I've been in Rumpelstiltskin with LCB in 2011 and auditioned the next 2 years.

At a young age I had to stop auditioning for West End shows such as Billy Elliot and Matilda because I was the height of a teenager. Unfortunately I was much taller than the components my age. I wasn't aware that my height would be an issue. I started to get frustrated and upset that my size was stopping me from doing what I loved, being on stage. This really worried me that I wouldn't be able to pursue my dream career as a dancer. So I had to find something to compliment my passion, art. This will give me the choice to dance or follow a career in interior design.

Being part of LCB has been such an amazing experience. Knowing that Lucille founded the Company to give children the opportunity to perform on stage regardless of their shape or size has inspired me to create my own company when I'm older. I am extremely grateful to Lucille. Without her I wouldn't have been able to meet new amazing people or wanted to create a company of my own. I believe that what makes a great artist or dancer is for them maybe to not have an insanely arched foot or an amazing turnout but for them to take what they have and make it into something incredible. An inspirational dancer at The American Ballet Theater, Misty Copeland, who is my role model said, "You can do anything you want even if you're being told negative things just to stay strong and find motivation." I remind myself of this all the time. Hopefully when people watch me they'll see my love for dance shine through! 

Corps de Ballet


Sixty children were chosen from over 500 young hopefuls to be part of the LCB’s 2014 season. Now they are working together, week in, week out, to create a stunning West End production of Nanny McPhee. In their own words, LCB’s young dancers share the highs and lows of this exciting, life-changing experience.