London Children's Ballet's stunning DVDs make an ideal gift to introduce children of all ages to ballet. Hugely popular with all young dancers who dream of performing live onstage one day will love LCB ballets and will watch them over and over. Proceeds from the sale of these DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs support the London Children's Ballet Company and our work in the community.

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THE SECRET GARDEN 2017 DVD - £11.99 plus postage 


LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY 2016 DVD - £11.99 plus postage 

Based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’ tells the story of young Cedric, the rightful inheritor of the title and fortune of the Earl of Dorincourt. While greedy rent collectors and imposters threaten to destroy this happiness, Cedric teaches the residents of the Dorincourt Castle about the kindness and joy that is possible with generosity and forgiveness. 



SNOW WHITE 2015 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


Snow White is a captivating revival of the beloved magical story. Based on the original Grimm’s fairytale, Snow White is born in the midst of a raging snowstormwhich claims the life of her mother, the Queen. She grows up at the palace with her loving father, until one day a beautiful, beguiling woman appears. This woman, with powerful magic at her fingertips and an all-seeing mirror, steals the King’s heart and he marries her. But all is not well. When Snow White becomes the fairest of them all, the new queen is consumed with jealousy and plots a poisonous revenge on her lovely stepdaughter. The adventure leads Snow White into the forest where she finds new and rather unusual friends. But can seven pint-sized people protect her from an evil queen, or will Snow White’s fate rest in the hands of a lovelorn prince?

Snow White Programme for £5 plus postage




NANNY MCPHEE 2014 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


Nanny McPhee is a stunning original ballet adaptation of Emma Thompson’s blockbuster film. Packed with humour, fiendish tricks and budding romance, the story tells of a father with seven unruly children in desperate need of some discipline. The children’s terrible behaviour has driven away every nanny in the village until one day a curious stranger comes into their lives.

Nanny McPhee Programme for £5 plus postage




THE SECRET GARDEN 2013 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


The Secret Garden, first staged by LCB in 2007, tells the story of Mary Lennox, a selfish little English girl who is left orphaned in India and sent back to England to live with her uncle in a large gloomy house. With a little help from the Robin and a boy called Dickon, she discovers the magic and secrets of Mistlethwaite Manor…

The Secret Garden Programme for £5 plus postage



A_Little_Princess_III_DVD_cover.jpgA LITTLE PRINCESS 2012 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


A Little Princess, premiered in 2012, is the story of Sara, a sensible, kind and very wealthy little girl who is left in boarding school by her widowed father. The headmistress loves money so when Sara's father dies leaving her penniless, Sara is thrown into the attic and treated as the school slave. However her strong spirit carries her through to a surprise ending!

A Little Princess Programme for £5 plus postage 



Rumpelstiltskin_DVD_cover.jpgRUMPELSTILTSKIN 2011 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


Rumpelstiltskin, is one of the most popular tales by the Brother's Grimm.The fairytale begins with a pompous Milliner who boasts to the King that his daughter can turn hay to gold. Of course the daughter fails but Rumpelstiltskin comes to her rescue by turning the hay into a glittering pile of gold. But in return, he demands that she give him her first born child. Years later, Rumpelstiltskin returns to collect his reward...

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Rumplestiltskin Programme for £5 plus postage


Ballet_Shoes_DVD_cover.jpgBALLET SHOES 2010 DVD - £11.99 plus postage        


Ballet Shoes, adapted from Noel Streatfield’s iconic novel, tells the story of three young girls, collected together as babies by eccentric explorer Great Uncle Matthew (GUM). They christen themselves the Fossil sisters and vow to become famous. Struggling financially in 1930s London, their guardian Sylvia takes in lodgers; one of whom is the dance teacher Theo Dane, who introduces the girls to the world of ballet and the theatre. As the girls grow up, each is allowed to follow her very different dream. This DVD is full of jazz and tap dancing energy, the striking beauty of classical ballet and the poignant dramas of childhood.

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Ballet Shoes Programme for £5 plus postage 

Snow_White_DVD_cover.jpgSNOW WHITE 2009 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


Snow White, based on Grimm’s original fairytale, takes the audience from the death of Snow White’s mother in a dramatic snow storm, through to the first meeting of an engaging seven-year-old Snow White and her ultimate transformation into the ‘fairest of the land’ that sends the Queen into a rage of revenge. Accompanied by her trusting seven dwarfs, a smattering of twinkling snowflakes and a birthday scene of dancing cupcakes topped with strawberry and chocolate chip berets this ballet for 2009 is completely charming, funny and full of magic and mystery.

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Snow White Programme for £5 plus postage 

Jane_Eyre_DVD_cover.jpgJANE EYRE 2008 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


Jane Eyre is Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece first published in 1848. The adaptation by London Children’s Ballet in 2008 starts with Jane, aged 10, living with her cruel cousins and follows her years at Lowood Charity School. It moves on to her life as a Governess, at Thornfield Hall, to French girl Adèle Varens, the ward of the mysterious Mr Rochester. Rochester falls in love with Jane and proposes marriage to her. But on the eve of their wedding day, the secret of Bertha, his first, mad wife emerges...

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Jane Eyre Programme for £5 plus postage


The_Scarlet_Pimpernel_DVD_cover.jpgTHE SCARLET PIMPERNEL 2006 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


In 2006, LCB premiered The Scarlet Pimpernel, the swashbuckling adventure by Baroness Orczy. It is Paris 1792. A daring Englishman known as the Scarlet Pimpernel thinks it great sport to confound the Frenchies by rescuing aristocrats from the guillotine in Revolutionary France. But the zealous French Citizen Chauvelin follows the trail of our hero across the Channel to England, and blackmails a beautiful French actress to spy for him.




The_Canterville_Ghost_DVD_cover.jpgTHE CANTERVILLE GHOST 2005 DVD - £11.99 plus postage


Oscar Wilde's fun and witty story of The Canterville Ghost, performed for the first time in 2005, explores the chaos created by the ghost of Sir Simon Canterville who has haunted the ancestral home since 1584. When some Americans buy the house the ghost's life is turned upside down. It's up to the 15 year old Virginia to free him from his curse.








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