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Luke: Six new dwarf friends

Posted on Tuesday 31st March, 2015
Here in the life of LCB it is so enjoyable but also hard work. Its now less than a month before the first performance and it is getting very exciting but I am also getting a little nervous! In the rehearsals we are learning so much from Jenna and Amy but also from the other amazing dancers. Its incredible to watch older and more experienced dancers such as one of my older friends James who is playing the prince. I hope when I am older I’ll get to perform as a principal character one day because …

Callum: My dancing diary

Posted on Tuesday 31st March, 2015
December 2014 I’m looking forward to over a hundred hours of ballet.  And I’m very excited because I now know what I am in the casting - except I don’t really know what the parts are. I’m looking forward to January when we have our first rehearsal - wondering who Snow White and the Prince are - and to get started.  January to February 2015 When I arrived at the first rehearsal session I was nervous because I was the first boy to arrive so when I walked into the waiting room it was completely …

LCB2 Tour: Joyful faces

Posted on Tuesday 10th March, 2015
LCB was an AMAZING experience as I really enjoy dancing, especially ballet. The costumes and rehearsals were lots of fun and I made loads of kind friends. Before the tour, I had never been to a special needs school or a residential/care home but it was very exciting. I enjoyed seeing joyful faces in the audiences and I'm looking forward to auditioning for the stage show again next year . I really hope I get to see everyone again and hopefully get to perform in another LCB production. Amari Webb…

LCB2 Tour: Maggie's experience of a lifetime

Posted on Monday 2nd March, 2015
Being part of the London Children’s Ballet tour was a fantastic new experience for me. I made lots of new friends and developed my performance skills.  Before going on the tour I had never set foot in a residential care home or special needs school, which made it even more exciting. Rehearsals were really fun, however the actual tour with the costumes was incredible.  Performing in front of an audience really brought the experience to life.  As much as I enjoyed the actual dancing, I really enj…

Sofia: Wishing for a snowflake

Posted on Monday 19th January, 2015
Hi! I’m Sofia and I am really excited to be chosen for this year’s LCB production of Snow White!  LCB is such a friendly company and I’m so glad to be part of it – for a second time as well. I have been watching the productions since I was six and from that day on, I had made it my goal to be on that stage... and my dream came true!  Before the auditions I was feeling a bit nervous, but as soon as I got there I realised that there was nothing to be scared of - everyone was really friendly and a…

Mary-Jean: Patience is a virtue

Posted on Wednesday 17th December, 2014
My Grandma always says "patience is s virtue!" I feel that this definitely needs to apply to dancers! Now I am waiting ,again, for an e-mail of the cast list!! Auditions shouldn't be called a great experience of dance, but a great experience of waiting. What with waiting for post, waiting for your turn to dance, waiting for e-mails and I'm sure there will be a lot of waiting in rehearsals. It's a kind of exciting waiting, like waiting to go on a big roller coaster!! So, waiting=patience=ballet! …

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