LCB2 Tours

To enrich the lives of those who are not able to afford or physically access live theatre, LCB brings the fruits of the theatre production – the choreography, music, costumes and dancers – into the community.

Four small touring companies bring specially tailored 30-minute performances to residential care homes, hospices, day centres and Special Educational Needs schools. Following each performance, LCB’s dancers mix with audience members either through a “meet and greet” at care homes or an interactive workshops at SEN schools, where young audience members are given the chance to feel and try on costumes.

Please contact LCB if you would like LCB2 to perform in your school, care home or hospice.

About LCB2 Dancers

Children dancing in the touring companies are chosen either from LCB’s competitive auditions or from the LCB Summer School. This enables an additional 50 children each year to benefit from LCB’s professional performance experience and training.

LCB2 Company 2015-2016

Natalya Ageyeva
Bella Avanzato
Dorothy Bishop-Laggett
Honor Dixon
Louisa Fernando
Lois Marie Fraiz
Luca Freudenberg
Isobel George
Isabelle Hart
Nicholas Hepher
Maggie Horneff
Oscar Houghton-Boyle
Ethan Hughes
Abbi Johnson
Alexander Johnson
Samuel Larsen
Juliet Moir
Phoebe Moses
Bartolomeu Neves Pimentao
Ben Newman
Lola Pates
Julia Petrou
Leia Ratteray-Drover
Hannah Ridley
Samuel Rodd
Dominyka Simons
Amber Smyth
Ruby Spicer
Etta Stevens
Niamh Westwood

“This is the only time our pupils would be able to meet ‘real ballet dancers’ and get to touch and feel such beautiful costumes…There were a number of children who seemed to engage with the emotion of the performance, particularly when ‘dramatic, scary’ music came on. A few were dancing in their seats!”

Mandeville School